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Client's Nursery

My client wanted her son's old room to be flipped into her new baby girl's nursery. She wanted a mauve pink, boho themed look. She was in love when she saw the final product!

My husband was gracious to help me out on the wood paneling on the wall...and putting up light fixtures, and other wall features around the room.

I made the wall floral piece (originally for my daughter), but I decided not to use it for her room anymore. This was a perfect fit!

This was a knob(less) dresser. I found these beautiful Mother of Pearl knobs on amazon!

Added the gold moon chain under the wall mirror.

Added this boho tassel to the crib. I used a thin tweed rope that I already had to hold it in place.

I painted this custom wall rainbow to add her wall shelves here. I knew I wanted to do something special to this wall of my favorite pieces of the room.

And fin! We have our nursery!


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