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Roman & Oaklynn's Room Flip

Flipping the kids' room was something I knew I wanted to tackle soon because Oaklynn is starting to transition into her "big girl" bed.

I knew I wanted the vibe to be minimal, unisex, and something that can grow with the kids for a while. I went through so many changes in my head and on paper, and then I came across the wall decals from The Lovely Wall Company. I was like, "This is it!" I painted the entire wall white because the original wall paint was a flat finish. According the the company, the decals work best with a finish that is anything but flat. I chose a basic white semi gloss paint from Behr. Ok, so the windowsill...painted that thing orange!It was originally white as well. Even though the decals would bring some color and pop, I thought changing the color of the windowsill would add an extra zing! Also, to the wall, I added these cute Mickey Mouse shaped wall sconces. So, I initially saw them for about $75 each. I was like "Oh uh uh!" I ended up finding them on Wish for $20 each. (Also see my Instagram highlights on how I installed the lights with having to perform any electrical work). That was my first time ordering something from them, and I was pleased!! I installed curtains at window length, and used a wooden beaded lanyard with the kids' initials on it to draw the curtains back. I saw that idea, and thought...I'm doing it!

I kept it simple with ordering Oaklynn the same bed that Roman already had from Target . I wanted to keep it neutral with their bedding and added just a splash of color with Oaklynn's heart shaped throw pillow. I added the trapezoid wall shelf, (also from Target), on their respectives sides, and added the white painted trim. Also, I added their names with letters I found at Michael's. (I didn't find the ones I used on their site to link them for you, but they ran me about 99 cents per letter in-store). I added the polka dots myself; when you personalize a space, it makes it extra special for whoever dwells in the space. Even adding meaningful trinkets brings it all together (treasured art prints, their foot/hand imprints, favorite dinosaur and the little kitten in Oaklynn's shelf was childhood toy).

The wall hooks that are adhesive! Got them from Amazon. They're pretty sturdy and I don't know what it'll do to my walls when I pull it off, so they'll just have to be up there for the next buyers! There was some dead space between the shelf and the hooks, and I remembered I bought wall decor a while back! You can always repurpose things to make it work in a space!

Lastly, I found this really cute yellow dresser, (originally from Ikea), on Offerup from someone who was moving. I believe the original price from Ikea was about $170...I snagged it for $90!!! I was contemplating what to put above their dresser. I always love a good mirror, but that was pointless, since they're not even tall enough to see. So, I thought let me print out some pictures of them (from CVS). I often see them staring up at them, which makes my heart smile. We often keep photos on our phone and we don't print them out! I'm here to tell you, Print! I used a string of lights that light up nicely. Found it at Home Goods!

Feel free to message me with any other questions about any pieces I used or if have any additional questions about the room!

Take Away's:

1. Be clear on your ideas.

2. Personalize your space. Customizing is everything!

3. You can find your heart's desire for less (you just have to look).

4. Print pictures from your phone!


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